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Users of FallRiverMenus.Com are free to comment on the restaurants listed on our site. We assume no responsibility for user and/or other third party generated content. We do have a strict policy against any threatening, racist, harassing, and/or language used to intimidate a person and/or restaurant listed on our site. In the case that comments containing any of the above are found on our site, we will act with all deliberate speed, to remove said comments and/or ban the user and/or other third party submitted said comments.  

If you find a comment inappropriate, inaccurate and/or potentially defamatory, please contact FallRiverMenus.Com immediately through the email address herein listed. As stated, FallRiverMenus.Com does not control the actions and/or statements made by users and/or any third party generated content. However, if a comment violates our rules as set herein, we reserve the right to remove said content and/or ban the user.

Derogatory or inflammatory username selection, images and other media, or comments posted with any defamatory slight toward any person or business on this site simply will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ban you from the site.  

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