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Star Ratings  ​(Works for anonymous visitors, additional features for registered users).

There are some pros and cons to rating depending on if you have an account or not.

You can leave a star rating without logging into the website, but if you’re not logged in you won’t be able to change it later or view your top ratings for dishes.

Submitting a rating is as simply as clicking or tapping one of the star ratings icons if you’re on the page for that item.

To change a rating you’ve just made, you’ll need to refresh the page.

Saved Favorites (logged-in users only)

Great feature if you’re just browsing for ideas and want to review them later.

It’s kind of like a shopping cart where you add things you’d like to try or remember for later.

After you’ve liked your Restaurant, Dish, or Article you can find it in the navigation at the top, titled “Saved”

If you aren’t logged in with your account, you’ll be redirected to log-in.


For now, all comments are sent for approval.  If you know what spam is, you’ll probably understand why.

You can comment on dishes or articles but commenting for restaurants is turned off site-wide.

Contributing Information For Restaurants or Giving Feedback

Each of the restaurants has a few mini-forms you can use to share your input.

You can submit your favorite dishes (which will prompt me to get them added more quickly)

You can submit photos of restaurants, dishes, or whatever.  If they’re a match for the site I’ll use them (with the stipulation that these photos becoome the property of the website).

You can submit feedback if there is information that needs to be updated for that restaurant.


This site makes money by displaying ads.  The placement and content of those ads is entirely automatic and determined by Google.  If an ad displays in an odd spot, often refreshing the page will get it out of the way.

In the future I might offer a small fee (I was thinking something like $5/year) to turn off the ads on the site.  That isn’t available currently, and it’s pretty far down on the development agenda.  If enough people ask for it, I will definitely consider making it a higher priority.

The Meal-O-Matic (random food generator)

When I started adding indivual dishes to the site, the idea of a randomizer was attractive.

What’s different about this page is the ability to open up a preview of the dishes and restaurants without leaving the page.  To do that, you’ll need to click the image instead of the link for the item.  The preview that opens up will let you save the items for later or rate them.

Over time, as I add more dishes and create better ways of tagging them, this random food generator should get more interesting.  Meaning, I’ll be able to add sections like Breakfast, Apps, Desserts, etc…

For right now it’s just three random dishes and three random restaurants each time the page is loaded.